Chat Room

As requested by ‘your friend Bmlkm’ here is the Chat Room.

Post a comment to start a conversation

Until next time,

Waddle On!




  1. sweet thanks

  2. Why did you change your theme

  3. cause I think that it looks better. Plus the pages are easier to see.

  4. Very true

  5. So who likes star wars?

  6. i like star wars
    yea boi

  7. i like star wars

  8. woo i said that twice

  9. i feel lonly
    anyone else wanna talk

  10. hmm

  11. hey im the third person to say something

  12. man if your looking at myself talk to myself your probably thinking what an idiot

  13. im still here so dont be afraid to talk

  14. who likes cheetos
    cause i love cheetos

  15. I somewhat like star wars. Hey maybe you could get a bribble chat room

  16. bmlkm say something

  17. good idea

  18. ok get it under control if you like star wars kool. If u dont thats ok anyway nice to erm… erm… see you write things casper 545. I went on and had 25 comments all from you!

  19. Chewbacca i do think you should get a bribble chat room. it would be easier

  20. yea about those twenty five comments,
    i was pretty bored,
    but then i got to go to the beach and have some fun.

  21. lol Casper

  22. good for you

  23. bmlkm whats with your name. do the letters like stand for something?
    maybe Best Man Leaving Kingston Massachusetts.

  24. or Big Man Levitates King’s Macaroni

  25. thats a good one

  26. no it doesnt stand for anything i just could find a name that wasnt taken

  27. oh cool

  28. you guys are weird

  29. oh and u arent

  30. k stop fightin

  31. u know he called u weird too right

  32. yea but i dont want to start a fight

  33. ok ok
    anyways can u change the mythbuster time cause thats too early for me too

  34. maybe like 8:00 am pst

  35. or maybe one at 5:00 am pst and one at 8:00 am pst

  36. i changed it to 5 PST

  37. no way im not ganna be able to wake up that early

  38. ok chewie heres the deal
    there is no way im gonna wake up at five in the morning, so
    how bout i come on whenever i wake up, and
    u can fill me in on all the details, and
    ill try to wake up as early as possible.
    hows that sound. it sounds good to me
    anywho hmm well bye

  39. You guys i wasnt making a fight
    I was just saying you are weird at making name of my initials even though they aint initials

  40. Hey Chewie can i be in your blogroll i will add you in my Blogroll

  41. great!

  42. ok casper sorry if u cant make it ill try and make another one to suit america ok?

  43. ok thanks cause im just waking up right now

  44. oh and how many ppl came?

  45. not sure

  46. were there alot

  47. anywho
    what kind of music do u listen to

  48. i listen to things like indie and rock you?

  49. rock
    whose your favorite band

  50. dunno actually. I kinda like mika and the view

  51. kool
    i like foo fighters
    fall out boy
    bowling for soup and
    a few others

  52. yea i especially like the foo fighters

  53. whats your favorite somg by them
    mine is the pretender or doa

  54. i dunno

  55. U DONT KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    u dont know as in your not sure or u just dont know

  56. oh another band i really like is mcr

  57. ‘dunno’ as in not sure.
    Oh and I like mcr too. whats ur fav song? mine’s the black parade

  58. yea thats a good one
    but i really like dead

  59. yea

  60. so what other bands do u like

  61. snow patrol

  62. add a chat box on your site make one at http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/?cb

  63. add my site on blogroll umarulers88rpfrulers.wordpress.com and add the rpf site http://www.rpfrulers.wordpress.com

  64. ok if u add mine to yours

  65. yea snow patrol is pretty good
    the only song i really like is chasing cars

  66. I’ll add you on blogroll. Then you add me

  67. yea i also like run and your all i have

  68. ok mariospy

  69. o kool

  70. so erm… what’s your favourite food?

  71. Can you please sign up for http://www.mychoceawards.wordpress.com?

  72. what is it?

  73. hey anyone there?

  74. guess not

  75. im here now

  76. anyone here im bored

  77. whats up chewie

  78. nothing really you?

  79. nothing do you like runescape?

  80. yea its ok my friends go on it i dont cos i dont have java

  81. isnt like a free download though

  82. java that is

  83. yea but i just dont know why i dont have it

  84. what is java i dont have java either

  85. java is like a thing that lets u do stuff
    well that doesnt make any sense
    umm i dont know how to explain it
    its like a thing that some internet games need u to have in order to play there game
    its kinda like xbox live
    if u wanna play on live u gotta have xbox live u cant just play online when u wanna

  86. we have another random letter guy, his name is nyxs
    ill bet bmlkm and nyxs will get along great

  87. oh and y dont u just download it
    it takes like 5 seconds and its FREE

  88. i dunno actually…

  89. K im bored who likes pie 🙂

  90. DUDE

  91. Chewbacca1 is a Dude ok just to let you know. and i like peach pie

  92. i am a dude your right bmlkm anyway i love apple pie and cherry pie…

  93. how come i never see you on club penguin anymore chewie

  94. oh yea have you guys ever gone to my site well this is my site

  95. i dunno im always on cp

  96. thats jsut weird

  97. i love clubpenguinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  98. hi is any one there/

  99. chewwie

  100. 100th post on the chat room
    what now

  101. oh and my favorite food is pizza or nachos
    and im a guy too
    but on your pic u no that those glasses are girl glasses right

  102. yea i like dressing up casper…
    oh and hi kenz8534 i love cp too

  103. how come my comment disappeared

  104. i luv ur site! =D

  105. thanks ken and bmlkm what comment? i dint get any

  106. hey guys!!!


  107. woo i love star wars

    oh and chewie says hi

  108. what does do?

  109. it puts a strike through your text. and timo you have no idea how much i LLOOVVEE star wars. Oh and i have lego star wars 1 & 2 for my PS2 i said that cause i noticed your picture is a lego chewbacca… hes my fav star wars character…. well, him and anakin (darth vader)

  110. I can see how much you love Chewbacca because your names i chewbacca

  111. good point

  112. yo guys waz up

  113. chewie have u found rockhopper if u have could u give me hints plz?

  114. im soo sorry but ive only met rockhopper once and it was ages ago but heres a hint next time hes here go to google and key in rockhopper tracker. it tells you where he was last seen and when

  115. HI!

  116. This is my penguins name

  117. My real name IS …

  118. ******* **** *****. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really think i’d tell you?!? 😛

  119. Hi blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla

    🙂 😦 :-I

  120. hi guys… maspanda no i didnt think ud tell me anyway but i hope to see your penguin sometime and bradjr hi is that UR penguins name?

  121. hey, do you know where it says in Uncle Arctic (that’s a good idea), that there is no cheats for CP? There is a CP trainer that you can download for free here:


    It got me a black, green, purple, pink and another blue puffle. They all ran away though 😦

    Hope you like it 😛


  122. Great thanks thingly oh and ill add u to my blogroll

  123. umm….

  124. Thanks 🙂

  125. My name why would I tell you lol

  126. umm…

  127. i know and thingly by the way there must be a typing error in your site cause ive tried everything and just cant find it

  128. oh hey u changed your glasses
    good thinkin
    im glad u did cause not many ppl will take u serously if your wearing girl glasses

  129. Hey guys anybody on?

  130. Im on

  131. hi anyone there?

  132. i guess not.

  133. Hey man sorry i havent been on because my computer wasnt working

  134. hey chewie have u heard of that new lego star wars that’s supposed to have like all the characters and all the levels from episodes 1-6. it looks really kool. if u really like star wars u should probably get it.

  135. cool ill hav a look 4 it thanks for lettin me know!

  136. Hey Chewbacca i wnna be apart of this mythbusters thing !please tell me when we can meet.doi have to fill out a form or anything?

  137. nope just show up at the next meeting and ur in!
    by the wa sorry abou that i havent had a meeting in ages tell u wat i have more free time on weekends so i’ll hold one next weekend

  138. cool i just noticed thats when rockhoppers bak 🙂

  139. hey guys,can i join?You are funny.

  140. really?Rockhopper’s back?

  141. are you the one who wrote the cheat missions?

  142. sup

  143. is anyone on?

  144. ok



  147. yea i kno Rockhopper is comin tomorrow on the 9th of November

  148. sorry guys i was away hi everyone whos just joined u dont need to ask just post a commnet whenever u want and yes ajroc i am the one who made the website and the mission cheats

  149. can someone say somethin

  150. somethin

  151. i wanna talk to someone

  152. plz

  153. chewbacca can i add u to my blogroll if u add me to urs

  154. im bored someone say somethin besides somethin

  155. hi fluffyliliac wow alot of comments from u lol anyway sure i’ll add u to my blogroll and u can add me to your if u want

  156. Hey bmlkm, I like RuneScape. What is your username?

  157. chewbacca, i have a question. how do u add somethin to ur blogroll?

  158. on your dashboard, you go onto the tab at the top called ‘blogroll’, then there’s a tab under that saying ‘add link’. Click on it then type in the website you want to add.

  159. ok i added u

  160. hi i won ziniker 3s risk and i won 600 coins and i think and item

  161. dude is anyone here

  162. yes im here

  163. evevryone tell chewbacca to get on his freakin computer

  164. well see ya later

  165. sory i couldnt post fluffylilac my pc was broken anyway hope i see u in cp sometime

  166. chewbacca i miss u again plz get on clubpenguin at 4:00pm tomorrow on the 23rd on Snow Cone plz plz plz plz plz

  167. and also everyone else that r on this chat room guess wat? my sister had her baby and it is a boy named David. that means, im an aunt

  168. Really sorry fluffylilac but 4pm to you is MIDNIGHT to me so i cant get on. I’ll try to meet u sometime during the holidays
    Oh by thw way congradulations on being an aunt

  169. thnx but wat do u mean 4pm is midnight to u? i dont get that

  170. because i live in the UK and you live in America so I’m 8 hours ahead

  171. i live in kyle, texas. wat part of UK do u live in

  172. hello

  173. i live in Scotland (but don’t think that means I’m a kilted, ginger haired person with bagpipes cause im not)

  174. cool. wats it like there?

  175. i want thechristmas scarf!!!!1

  176. Scotland is great. I lov it. It’s really like America but alot smaller, colder and it isn’t swarming with tourists

  177. And vanessa huggens i want the Christmas Scarf too but am not sure how to get it

  178. guess wat? i got the new wig and some new clothes and a new pin

  179. cool! good for you fluffylilac!

  180. wheres the new pin??????

  181. its a snow shovel in the boiler room

  182. chewie when will the new mission come out?

  183. aka lev 6?

  184. first thanks for movin into the chat room (rather than bursting my posts with comments). Anyway, it’ll definately be a Monday so if it’s not Monday 21st it’ll be Monday 28th. (I really hope it will be the 21st cause on the 28th I’m going away for a week so I won’t be able to post it until the 1st Feb which will be rubbish for everyone who comes onto my site)

  185. lol

  186. chewbacca did u get on the 21st or r u gettin on the 28th and where u goin for the week?

  187. i’m goin away for 5 days (a skool week) to a centre thingymabobber. and p.s. glad to hear from u fluffy haven’t heard from u in a while.

  188. ur my best friend chewie

  189. i also have 5 other penugins and ill tell u all of them.

  190. 😮

  191. cool icons!

  192. chewie can u set a schedule and ime we can hang out plz plz plz plz plz plz???/?

  193. thanks fluffylilac! kind of you to mention all your best friends to us all!

  194. fluffylilac can u meet me on cp tomorrow ihave my cusin ova and me and my cousin wanna meet ya hope to see ya on sherbit on wednesday 10:00 if ya can hope to see ya 🙂

  195. ok tyson5000 but when u talk about 10:00 do u mean 10 am or 10 pm cuz im at skool at 10 am but 10 pm wud be fine but shure i wud like to meet u too. 😉

  196. hi ppl

  197. hey chewie when can u get on again cuz i wanna hagout wit u

  198. thats great i’m lookin forward to this weekend cause i’m havin a party (cause i’m goin away) and everyone’s invited!
    I’ll give u more info closer to the time 🙂

  199. when r u havin another party on clubpenguin cuz i wanna come too by da way i went to ur igloo and i liked it. u shud see mine too

  200. first of all… 200th comment… who’d have thought it! anyway, im organizin a party at the weekend and… ur not on my buddy list for some reason… i think you need to delete me then add me again… hopefully it’ll work this time!

  201. well ur on my buddy list

  202. tyson5000 when u get on meet me in the plaza

  203. hihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

  204. tyson meet me at the pizza parlor, dock, or the mine ok?

  205. thats odd your not on my buddy lost hmm…

  206. fluffylilac can ya meet me on saturday 3:00pm?

  207. OR 10:00 PM?



  210. hiya chewbacca ive just met rockhopper and guess way he gave me a free background then all of a sudden he dissapeared 😦

  211. yea sure tyson5000 ill get on 3pm and 10pm so be on both times and last time u werent oon because i was on sherbert at 10pm and u werent on. besides is ur cuzin still ova there or not cuz i was just wonderin, but yea ill meet u on Sherbert at 10pm and 3pm and dont forget to get on Sherbert and meet me at the ski lodge ok?

  212. hello chewie

  213. good for you tyson! ive got the background too it’s cool isn’t it!
    and… hello

  214. umm its fity thousand fluffylilac aka 4 zeros

  215. wat r u talkin about tyson5000

  216. tyson meet me at the lodge at 3pm

  217. chewie how old r u? in age

  218. young enough to b playing Club Penguin

  219. y did u get off?

  220. fluffylilac if ur gonna find me ill be wearing tour hat green and black scarf and marcars ( i get mixed up in my mind and i cant spell proply sorry)

  221. here are some emotes: 🙂 😦 :s 😐 😛
    😮 😥

  222. lol

  223. fluffy wat ssever do u want me to go on??? sherbit or somethin else?

  224. hey chewie i can get smiles on ur mouse hes it is

  225. and/or animations

  226. ok theres alot of comments there so i’ll respond to all of them at once:
    cause it was 11pm, i take it your a non-member tyson?, thanks for the emotes, lol, thanks for the cursor and animation link tyson i’ll try it at some point

  227. tyson go onto big surf in australia i’m there right now i’ll add u meet me in the cove

  228. never mind im away now

  229. how old r you chewie?

  230. chew ie i no haow to do the evil thing >:>

  231. im young enough to b playin CP… but old enough to know not to tell you

  232. tyson ill get on marshmellow so get on there at 4pm and by the way wat time is it at ur place? and i look likea peachish colour, green hoodie, black guitar, party hat, desighner glasses, pendant, and yellow flipflops. so meet me at the mine, pizza parlor, cove, dock, and the dojo.

  233. and also my background is the orange plaid and my pin is the sombrero

  234. or we could meet at the lighthouse

  235. or the stage which mean i might dress into the Gamma Gal and ill be the colour black

  236. chewie can u meet me at the cove 3:00pm?? and ill add you in sherbit thnks ur almost friend tyson50000

  237. is there any way any of you lot could tell me how the hek do i become a tour guide ive tried so many times it says sorry to many questions wrong

  238. if you look somewhere on my site, there is a post called ‘How To Become A Secret Agent/Tour Guide’. It will tell you the quiz answers there.

  239. how do you put the picture to the blank?

  240. what picture?

  241. chewie here is my web blog http://tyson50000.wordpress.com/2008/01/29/hello-world/#comments

  242. 😦

  243. can anyone please meet me at the cove 4:00?pm?tomorrow????????????????

  244. 😦 😐 😮 :))

  245. oh i cant its already past 4.
    im going to a party at 6:45 and coming back at 9:45.
    does anyone hav a bed time cos i dont.
    can someone meet me tomorrow at the light house beakon at 2:00-3:00?

  246. chewie!
    Your sooooo cool!
    i wish i was a member like u.
    were do u live? if u dont want to anwser its ok with me.
    my mum is very strict about saftey.

  247. my mum to… thats parents for you
    anyway, it doesn’t matter if i tell u the country… i live in Scotland in the UK… but i’m NOT one of the ginger-haired, bagpipe-playing highlanders!

  248. ur funny!
    yeh, my sister is really mean to me but my brother is worse but now that he lives in london (capital)
    i really miss him. i wish he was here.
    anyway i live in england.
    my cousin can play the bag pipes but shes never been to scotland and i dont know were she lernt it from she
    even has ginger hair! ive lived in three different houses in the past.
    P.S. im also laugh-a-lot.

  249. sorry i was gone so long i got to go see the hannah montana concert at the movie theater in 3D it was so awesome.

  250. i can’t log on to CP so i e-mailed them.
    hope it works.

  251. cool everyone! sobede its good news that you live in england so it’ll be easier to add you! fluffylilac its great that you got to go out to see hannah montanna! glad you liked it!

  252. IT DID WORK!
    i love hannah montanna!
    well i dont love her i just really think shes a good singer and i like her tv program.
    anyway, i live near the sea. well….. right next to it if u go down our garden through the door cross the road ure at the river themes.

  253. its my birthday today!

  254. cool! happy birthday sobede!
    what’d u get?

  255. i got a new mini frige.
    and a nentendo wii….well its for the whole family.
    im doing my homework from my tutor.
    she gives me loads. i hate it.

  256. cool! hope u like your minifridge!
    i’ve got a nintendo wii too… they’re great!
    i hate homework too… its annoying!

  257. someone talk to me.

  258. yh! my dad refuses to make a mii.
    i dont now why. he wants me and my sister to make it for him but we dont.

  259. y dont u make it for him but make it a woman or somethin?

  260. lol

  261. Does anyone know how to beat The Hoth Battle on Lego Star Wars?

  262. yea r u talking about episode 5 level 1 or 2?

  263. ??……..i like star wars loads but i know nothin about it.

  264. well………………..

  265. OH! Oh! i know about The Hoth Battle on Lego Star Wars! To awnser ur qwestn, b-boy, you um, um…

  266. hi chewie how do u put pics in ur blog i cant seem to figure :-S

  267. have you saved the picture as a jpg file or a bitmap?

  268. 1 more thing how’d u put ur blog on google?

  269. its automaticcaly there

  270. theres a big srorm and its really rumbling.
    i hate it. im doing my homework.

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