Spanish Fiesta! (And Stage)

January 15, 2008

Heyyy Penguins! Just 3 more days until the release of the annual Spanish Fiesta! (Not really annual but it was out January 07 so it’s close enough) and I’ve managed to get you a sneak peek!

Here it is!

 Churros Ice-Cream

Churros Ice-Cream??? What the…?

P.S. Click the photo to enlarge!

By the looks of it, you’d have to be a pretty recent (2 days or younger) penguin if you can’t tell that the Churros Ice-Cream Stand will be found in the Forest during the Fiesta.

Also, the new Stage theme seems to be working out great! In order of all the themes, it’d have to be…

1. Space Adventure (November 07)

2. Squdzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl (January 08)

3. The Tweltfh Fish (December 07)

 Nothing against CP, but ‘THE TWELTFH FISH’?!? What happened?!? Usually, the Stage themes are great but they took it too far last month!

Until next time,

Waddle On!



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