Club Penguin Main Events 2007

December 24, 2007

Hiya Penguins! It’s Christmas tomorrow and you know whay that means… only 7 days left of 2007! Let’s have a look at the main events that have happened during the past year….

January – The start of a new year, and a fun one, too! The spanish fiesta party was a hit with the free items being a pair of marracas!

February – Rockhopper returned after being shipwrecked, and brought the pirate belt as his free item, whilst the festival of snow was one of the biggest hits since jetpack adventure which was released 2 months before.

March – My first month in Club Penguin, and the first ever book appeared in the book room ‘Rockhopper and the Stowaway’. The St. Patrick’s day party started with the shamrock hat being given out. Also, the coins in the gift shop were stolen, which meant a new mission for the Secret Agents.

April – The lighthouse stage was completed, and a pile of instruments were released for the first time ver in the catalogues, and there was an easter egg hunt with a pair of bunny ears as the prize. Also, the Joke masks and propeller caps were given out at the April Fool’s day party and the Dojo was transformed into a sheet of paper!

May – Rockhopper opened the Ship Hold for the first time ever, and celebrated by giving out bandanas. There was a pirate party to celebrate and sailor hats as the free item. Also, we helped some explorers discover the forest and the cove.

June – Summer! To kick off the start of summer, there was a party and the game Catchin’ Waves was released for the first time. There were 5 free items at the party… green sunglasses, ice cream apron, blue lei, red flower headdress, and an inflatable duck. It was awesome!

July – After a crab caused a leak in the cave, we needed a way to vent the water, so the whole of Club Penguin was transformed into a water party! There was water everywhere! Also the free items were an umbrella hat and armbands. We loved the party so much that it was extended another weekend!

August – Club Penguin officialy team up with Disney! There was a weekend-long camping party. The Pizza Parlour was turned into a mess hall and,with their new free items, penguins everywhere were roasting marshmallows with their buddies. Also, Rockhopper dropped of some boxes and stored them in the lighthouse, but told us not to open them until he returned.

September – We found out that Rockhopper was planning a Fall Fair, and it was incredible! Instead of getting the free items, you had to BUY them using tickets that you could get by playing the games… Puffle Feeder, Puffle Shuffle, Puffle Paddle, Memory card game, Spin to Win and Strength Tester. The items were – Circus Tent pin, Teddy Bear Player Card Background, Paddle Ball Toy, Candy Necklace, Lollipop, Feathered Tiara, and some Cotton Candy.

October – BOO! There were spooky decoratins put up and for the first time ever, you could get a jack-o-lantern igloo. The free item at the Halowe’en party was a pumpkin basket and there was a scavenger hunt to find 8 sweets, and the prize for that was an orange and black scarf (The Hallowe’en Scarf).

November – The first ever Sports Catalogue was released in the Sports shop, and for the first time ever, penguins got to VOTE for what party they wanted… Western won by about 10%.The free items were 2 backgrounds and a bandana. The Stage was created unexpectedly and the first play on was called ‘Space Adventure’. Also, the Golden Puffles came out in the catalogues.

December – What a month! The stage turned into an old classic Shakespearian piece ‘The Twelfth Fish’. The Christmas party started off with a band and penguins everywhere were dressing up as elves.

So, as that is everything that has happened in the past year, I think I should finish off by saying,

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Until next time,

Waddle On!



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