Halloween Party!

October 26, 2007

Hiya! The halloween party started today (P.S. sorry I’m posting them so late my friend came over after school).

(Click photos to enlarge)

There is 1 free item and a prize for the scavenger hunt. My favourite room is the Lighthouse. The movie is weird though. 🙂

The fre item is a pumpkin basket and can be found in the Snow Forts

Pumpkin Basket

There is also a halloween orange and black scarf (the prize for the scavenger hunt)

Above is the scavenger hunt answers. The password is ‘Scarf’

The reason for this is because you might not want to find out the answers but catch a glimpse of one. Enter the password and you’ll see the answers.

Also, the pin is a spider in the cave (you’ll see it coome down on a web)

How to get it: DON’T hover your cursor over it, move your cursor around it and click on the wall behind it. Then you’ll go over and collect it. When you hover your mouse over it it goes back up the web and comes back down on the opposite side.



  1. The halloween party is cool isn’t it?

  2. well have a good halloween

  3. yea the party is great and thanks i hope u have a good halloween too!

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