Updates 12/10/07

October 12, 2007

Hiya 2 new things have happened today first of all–

The new pin is a hairbrush at the Pet Shop

Pin 12/10/07

(Click to enlarge)

And, out of all the things u could imagine… They are now giving penguins hair!

Sorry I can’t get a pic of it… I’m in a rush to get to school

There are 6 whacky styles to choose from! I must admit it’s the last thing I expected!

My favourite is ‘The Rocker’… Leave a comment telling me yours!

Until next time,

Waddle On!




  1. You know i hate being a stupid Non-member could you possibly pay for me?

    P.s. Sorry about commenting for a long time i have been busy.

    P.S.S Are we still friends? and go to my site buddy

  2. sorry bmlkm but i cant pay for u cause as u know it wouldn’t be fair for any other penguins who are non – members… oh and by the way we are still buddies i never deleted u… but i never see u on cp remember i am always on sherbet so thats ur best option if u want to find me. oh yea and i visit ur site regularly

  3. hey r u a boy? just wondering…

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