The Mythbusters

August 25, 2007

Hiya alot of you have been wondering… ‘What is the Mythbusters?’

The Mythbusters is a secret organization under the peaceful world of Club Penguin.

If a member of the Mythbusters, you will help to uncover the myths of CP like tipping the Iceberg, The yellow puffle and Ninjas.

If you want to join you MUST have every following item…

NON- MEMBERS – Red bandana, friendship bracelet, whistle

MEMBERS – Red Viking hat, Sport Life Jacket, Hiking boots, sunglasses, friendship bracelet, hiking bag

The 1st ever Mythbusters meeting will be held soon. I can’t tell you exactly when but keep your eyes peeled.



  1. ok sweet thats cool i will be there then thanks


  3. So when is it because you know i got be a part of it

  4. oh yea ive been waiting for u to get back to me and im currently arranging a date… roughly mid-october

  5. umm i have some questions about how to find some of the myth busting out fit iteams soo can u help me with the viking hat and the hiking iteams!! 🙂

    love,sprinkels95 aka kayla williams

  6. where do you get the Red bandana, friendship bracelet, whistle

  7. they’re old items (but for the friedship bracelet you go into the bookroom, look at the book ‘rockhopper and the stowaway’, go to the last page and click on the bracelet (it’ll then ask you if you want it))

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