What Do You Think?

August 2, 2007

Now that Disney have bought Club Penguin, there will probably be afew changes. Post a comment on what you hope will happen e.g. new rooms, pin comes more frequently, longer parties, more parties, and more free items.

Until next time,

Waddle On!




  1. I hope that there will be a disney party and the micky mouse ears in the post below will be a free item. Also I hope that they add a new room called the cinema. Plus in the bottom floor of it there is a lunch hall with a game called ‘Food Fight’.

  2. i hope they make a cp portable game device might take awhile tho

  3. thats a great idea!

  4. I think they should make longer parties! That would be rad! Also, I think when the parties are on there should be a new free item every day. There should also be heaps more rooms, mini games and activities. I hope that there is going to be heaps of free items at the camping party coming up as well. I hope there will be more improvments in Club Penguin now that Dinsney and Club Penguin are partners. Club Penguin is the best computer game ever!

  5. I know it’s great! Your ideas are fantastic Z-MAN!

  6. I totally agree with you guys That would Be so rad I deffinatly Be the game called Food fight. Good idea Chewbacca1

  7. thanks.

  8. how can we get more money to buy puffles but i have already two puffles but i wanted more puffles but the comp.will not let me buy again.

  9. you must be a non-member because non members can buy 2 puffles and have a choice of 2 puffles.. the red and blue. I see what ur saying it would be better if non members could buy 6 puffles can could have a choice of all the puffles. It would be way better.

  10. Isn’t the puffle limit for non members 12?

  11. no it is if you use a cheat code BUT WARNING I WOULDN’T IF I WERE YOU IT BANS YOU FOR 2 WEEKS

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