How to find Rockhopper guide

July 29, 2007

If you want to find Rockhopper I have some hints for you;

First of all, check wether or not he’s on. Key in Rockhopper’s name at the login screen then key in a random password (5 or more letters). I it says ‘ Incorrect password’ he’s online. if it says he’s banned forever, he’s offline.

Remember to check lots of servers as he could be anywhere.

Also, if yuo see a full/nearly full server that has usually 3 or less smiley faces, he might be there.

His main rooms are the Night Club, Pizza Parlour, Town, Docks, Beach, Migrator, Snow Forts, Cove and the Iceberg.

If you are on Parka, or any other big USA servers such as Mammoth or Blizzard, and someone tells you Rockhopper is on another server. DON’T GO. They may be trying to trick you. Make sure you check the server you’re on before going to the one that penguin told you to. If you think a penguin is lying (if they say Rockhopper’s on the iceberg when he really isn’t) You can report them for lying.

1 more thing…

Remember, Rockhopper can switch server anytime he wants, so if you check all the servers and can’t find him, either he isn’t online or he switched when you weren’t looking’.

Good Luck in finding Rockhopper!

Until next time,

Waddle On!




  1. have you seen him before and how late do you have to get on???

  2. you dont have to it just helps because if you see a full/nearly full server at night chances are he’s there.
    Although i’d recommend about 9.30 or 10pm.
    (Oh yes and I have seen him before afew months ago)

  3. Have you got another way to meet Rockhopper?

  4. No sorry but I’ll try and think of another way

  5. i cant find rockhopper

  6. Its really hard but if yoo keep looking and get a bunch of friends to help you you’ll have a better chance of finding him.
    Good Luck!

  7. How come I see penguins with lots of different items like a speical background or an eye patch? Is there more than one item you can get if you see Rockhooper?

  8. plz help me find rockhopper cause i want an backround and an eye patch

  9. If you want to find rockhopper I’d try getting friends to help you and also i’m so sorry but you can’t get the eyepatch anymore it’s just the background.
    Good Luck anyway


  11. That depends what you mean if you see a full/nearly full server THAT IS USUALLY EMPTY he might be there. The reason it doesn’t work in the morning is because penguins go onto CP in the morning anyway so the server will have penguins wether or not rockhopper’s there.

  12. i am looking for rockhopper and i cannot find him. i have looked all around the migrator and the beach and the town and the pizza parlor and i cant find him.

  13. It’s really hard to find him remember to look on American servers as he usually visits them.

  14. If anyone says that he never goes on Parka, they are lying because I saw him on Parka Today!

  15. can u tell me wat servers he can be on

  16. Hey you should get a Rockhopper tracker. I have heard of one just never seen one

  17. I dont know what it is sorry

  18. He visits every server Jack.

  19. i have a rockhopper eyepatch and A signed background
    i have seen rockhopper 10 times in the same place in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. cool!

  21. i tried to go on as rockhopper but it sed incorrect password!!!dus dat mean hes online??bcus earlier i tried nd it sed he is banned forever!!!plz help me i reali wanna meet him!!!!

  22. if it says incorrect password that means he is online. if it says banned forever he is offline. so if u try it and it says incorrect passwrod he is on cp somewhere.

  23. ive looked everywere y isnt he there??

  24. if he is online remember he can easily change servers whenever he wants.

  25. i belive u chewbaccal cause i stayed home from school today and today is october the 24 and there is a server that has been full all day so i think hes in the blizzard server .


  27. cool! remember blizzard usually has alot of penguins but if you seen it full for that amount of time… WOW

  28. Heya! Very usefull but one thing, does it matter what country server you go in? Or does it have to be the U.S.A ? TELL ME QUICK I NEEEED 2 KNOW THANKS LOVE YAZ ALL! X

  29. hey guys if you find rockhopper can you talk to him and be his buddy?

  30. well… fist of all ‘please relpy asap love love xxxxxxxxxxx’ he can go on any servers, but usually they are american because america has the most servers and ‘nintendo amb’ when you find r.hopper you can talk to him, but cant be his buddy. Instead you get the background

  31. Hooray i Just met rockhopper that chewie guide really helped thank you so much chewie for your guide you so much your the best guideing guy EVER!!!you should make more guides to help other penguins well Chewie you do not no how happy i am i’ll tell everyone on clubpenguin about you and how cool you are well sincerly,Dewy78

  32. Hooray i Just met rockhopper that chewie guide really helped thank you so much chewie for your guide you so much your the best guideing guy EVER!!!you should make more guides to help other penguins well Chewie you do not no how happy i am i’ll tell everyone on clubpenguin about you and how cool you are well sincerly,Dewy78 seeyah!!!!!!!!!!1

  33. Have you ever met rockhopper

  34. Yup once in May (during the pirate party) I met him at the Snow Forts. He gave out an eyepatch then

  35. hi thx so much u no i think ur posts are the best i didint find rockhopper becuase he was ofline it said ur banned for life as u said. but i did trick my brother and sister they thought i was banned for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!! thx soooooooooo much and i want to meet u so when do u go on clubpenguin pls tell me!!!!! thx ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ya Reena/Arty6000

  36. cool! good for you! good idea tricking your bro and sis well done! anyway every weekend from now on i try and arrange sometime that i go on cp but i might not be albe 2 this weekend cause im away. i’ll try my hardest to arrange something this friday!

  37. Hey,
    Nice Site.
    how often you update this thing..

  38. Sorry,
    dont click that website link..

  39. U SO ROCK LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hi PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!


  42. hey 50 cent and cool girl anyway i update this site as often as i can ( minimum once every few days)

  43. U can see if RH is on if u sign in, type in rockhopper, type in ANY password, if it says banned 4ever, hes not on. if it says incorrect password, hes on. try it. it really works. No Lie. ❤ -Zane

  44. plz reply chewie. thad b sooo cool
    ❤ – Zane

  45. yea i wrote about that and its ok dont worry zanessayok i reply to almost every comment i get!

  46. hey waz up yea ummm…. how do i look for rockhopper if hes not on?

  47. you can’t. You have to wait until he is on before you can find him.

  48. thnx chewie. ur site is da best!!
    😉 – Zane

  49. I want to meet Rock hopper so bad!!I wish I could be Rock hopper
    some day!!!

    Love,K Aty Penguin hope you are still out there Rock hopper…

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